SAP Consulting is a very contested field. What distinguishes my consulting service from the market? The answer can be found in my experience of the last over 10 years. The SAP CRM software is a very specific solution, and has seen many changes in recent years including the BSP Framework (Business Server Pages), the new object model (BOL GENIL-Layer), and numerous other functions. With my consulting references and my customer- and solution-oriented consulting approach I speak to a broad customer layer, and provide them with consultancy services. My projects and obtained references underline this.


I am working since 2001 with SAP CRM, and already consulted and supported the modules 3.0, 4.0, 5.0, 2007 and 7.0. In that time I have accompanied and significantly influenced both large and small, as well as local and global implementation projects. I built up a great process knowledge, and also a detailed deep technical knowledge.



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